ADHD Assessment

Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) testing and diagnosis requires an in-depth process involving a full battery of assessment tools. Austin Psychological & Testing Center understands the significant role we perform in assuring individuals and families are provided with the most accurate analysis and conclusions based upon testing results and evaluations.  For that reason, our assessment procedure applies a combination of clinical interviewing and research-based assessments designed to generate a comprehensive depiction of each individual’s experienced symptoms, level of functioning, and respective degree of impairments.


Our process involves multiple steps:



It is important that we obtain certain relevant information that is necessary to complete assessment and diagnosis.  During this intake session, our staff will conduct a review of current symptoms and impairments, family and developmental history, and other supporting information that may be pertinent to the assessment process.



Our ADHD assessment process includes a variety of diagnostic tools creating multiple sources of data for evaluation and is not based upon one single set of observations.  Our testing sources include data collection questionnaires from multiple sources involved in the individual’s environment (parent, teacher, etc.), cognitive testing, and electronic assessments to obtain comprehensive profile for a thorough review by our professional team.


Recommendations / Feedback Session

Once testing is completed, a detailed report of all testing data is provided. This report includes scores and descriptions from all testing sources, diagnostic impressions, and treatment recommendations. Individuals and their families are encouraged to attend a feedback session for a personal review of the report and to discuss potential referrals and resources that are available for their post-assessment care.