Mastering Efficiency Classes

APTC has been known for being a leader in conducting psychological assessments to determine cognitive and academic functioning and to rule out ADHD, Specific Learning Disabilities, and Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Now our services are expanding, and we are offering an 8-session structured course for those who struggle with organization, time management, anxiety, study skills, motivation, prioritizing, learning disorders, efficiency, completing projects, and other challenges that prevent individuals from maximizing their true potential. 


During the first appointment, you will meet with a cognitive behavioral therapist who will review your personal opportunities for improvement to design a structured program that meets your individual needs. In the following weeks, the therapist will guide you through the recommended practices that can be immediately replicated in your daily life for recognizable improvements. This course is provided on an individual basis and is appropriate for anyone over 7 years old. Call 512-707-2782 for more information.