Skills Training Groups


At Austin Psychological & Testing Center, we believe that education is a critical portion of treatment.  Oftentimes, an evaluation provides insight into an individual’s skills deficits that can be improved through specialized skills training. 


As Austin Psychological & Testing Center often works with child, adolescent, and adult populations assessing for childhood disorders such as ADHD, ASD, and learning disabilities, we have compiled and developed the most-effective training and skill-building techniques for a wide variety of academic and social needs. This allows us to custom-tailor a plan to each individual's unique needs, developing a personal curriculum that is led and implemented by one of our staff therapists.  In a weekly, one-on-one session, the individual is able to learn and practice the skills that are personally relevant to hi or her instead of participating in the common one-size-fits-all training approaches often offered elsewhere.  Specifically, our team is able to develop a program comprised of components addressing the following areas:


  • Social Skills – Focsuing on pro-social behaviors such as sharing, listening, showing empathy, and offering encouragement to others.
  • Study Skills – This group focuses on prioritization, self-management, note-taking, and other positive study habits to encourage effective learning practices and study strategies.
  • Anxiety Management - Focusing on self-management of anxiety related symptoms including the practice of relaxation strategies, identifying triggers and developing replacement thoughts, and positive self talk