Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessment

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) affects individuals in a variety of ways and at differing levels of functional impairment. Our team at Austin Psychological & Testing Center is knowledgeable in the wide-ranging presentations of ASD and provides an in-depth evaluation identifying the signs and symptoms by completing a full battery of testing to assess social functioning, adaptive skills, and intellectual ability.  This compilation of data provides our professionals the ability to review multiple sources in order to provide the most comprehensive assessment and recommendations for individuals and families.


Our testing process:



It is important that we obtain certain relevant information that is necessary to complete assessment and diagnosis.  During this intake session, our staff will conduct a review of current symptoms and impairments, family and developmental history, and other supporting information that may be pertinent to the assessment process.  An extensive review of developmental stages, social functioning, and ASD-related behaviors will be conducted.



Assessment of ASD involves a variety of testing sources ranging from data collection questionnaires to interactive assessment activities between a test examiner and the individual.  This combination of testing sources provides insight into developmental history and achievements, social functioning levels, affect recognition proficiency, cognitive abilities, and abstract thought adeptness.


Recommendations / Feedback Session

Once testing is completed, a detailed report of all testing data is provided.  This report includes scores and descriptions from all testing sources, diagnostic impressions, and treatment recommendations. Individuals and their families are encouraged to attend a feedback session for a personal review of the report and to set follow-up appointments for recommended treatment services with our team of in-house professionals.