Psychological Testing

Our team at Austin Psychological & Testing Center understands that an individual of any age may undergo emotional and mental distress.  We are mindful of the significant responsibility we hold in our assessment process to be developmentally suitable for such complex matters.  Our staff is practiced in working with children, adolescents, and adults in regards to these serious and sensitive emotions and experiences. 


Our Testing Process:



Prior to conducting assessment, the individual (or parent, if assessment is for a child) will meet with one of our doctors to engage in a brief clinical interview.  During this consultation, the individual is encouraged to share their current symptoms, relevant experiences and impairments, and family history. We understand that this process can be intimidating and distressing given the subject nature and gravity of the experience, so our professional staff make every effort to empathize with each individual and to create an atmosphere that is accepting and supportive. 



Psychological testing involves a battery of assessment tools that are tailored to the individual’s expressed concerns.  These assessments can include a variety of personality profiles, symptom inventories, and behavioral reports. The goal of testing is to obtain data from a wide selection of sources which provides a comprehensive representation of the individual’s psychological status.   


Recommendations / Feedback Session

Once testing is completed, a detailed report of all testing data is provided. This report includes scores and descriptions from all testing sources, diagnostic impressions, and treatment recommendations. Individuals and their families are encouraged to attend a feedback session for a personal review of the report and to discuss potential referrals and resources that are available for their post-assessment care.